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Plate and frame exchangers offer the highest efficiency mechanism for heat transfer available in industry today.  Some of the applications where this high efficiency is evident when using the Graham Brazed or Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers are:

  • Water heaters
  • Cooling tower isolation
  • Free cooling
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Heat pump isolation
  • Thermal (ice) storage systems

Water heaters
Graham plate exchangers are an excellent choice for heating potable water or other fluids, utilizing steam or high temperature water. The high heat transfer rate and corrosion resistance of stainless steel plates make these units ideal for heating service.

Cooling tower isolation
Many operators recognize the benefit of isolating the cooling tower water from the building circulating water system. Particles trapped in cooling tower water can rapidly plug or foul chillers or other building heat exchange systems. The high turbulence in a Graham GPE Series plate will minimize fouling. Should the plate become plugged, it can be disassembled and cleaned when conditions warrant. This provides plant maintenance personnel a single site that is easy to clean, rather than numerous sites throughout the building system.

Free cooling
Many areas experience extended periods when the ambient air temperature is significantly cool to provide for free cooling. During these periods, the cooling tower water will be able to pre-cool entering air, assist in mechanical cooling, or provide total system cooling for the air conditioning system. When operating in the "free cooling" cycle, the plant air conditioning chillers may be shut down, greatly reducing plant utility costs. A Graham GPE Series plate exchanger is an integral part of a free cooling system.

Waste heat recovery
Reclamation of waste heat can significantly reduce energy costs. Waste heat generated by steam condensers, chillers, and other processes can be used to heat make-up water or air. The high efficiency and close temperature approaches possible with the GPE Series plate exchanger can be utilized to reduce overall energy costs.

Heat pump isolation
To protect the heat pump from contaminants contained in the water supply, a Graham GPE Series plate exchanger is often used. Many water sources contain suspended and dissolved solids that can foul and decrease efficiency of the heat pump. The Graham plate exchanger maintains a high degree of turbulence that is essential for maintaining high heat transfer rates and reducing fouling.

Thermal (ice) storage systems
Thermal storage systems offer an efficient method to reduce energy costs. This is accomplished by utilizing chiller capacity during off-peak periods, when lower electricity rates are in effect. Brine or ice in storage tanks is cooled during this time for use when the cooling load dictates. Graham GPE Series plate exchangers allow for the efficient transfer of this stored cooling capacity to the distribution system.

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