Desuperheater inquiry information

Desuperheater Inquiry Information

Most desuperheating applications can be accommodated with one of our three designs:

  • SA - Steam-Atomizing desuperheaters can handle large flow variations at a reasonable cost.  Recommended whenever atomizing steam is available.
  • SV-1 - Double-Venturi desuperheaters are our most commonly sold style and can accommodate most desuperheating applications.
  • SV-2 - Single-Venturi desuperheaters have limited capability and a very low cost.

The table below can help you determine if a Graham desuperheater can accommodate your requirements.  Fill out the Desuperheater Inquiry Form and submit your inquiry to Application Engineering.  We will quote within 3-5 days, sooner if needed.

  SA* SV-1 SV-2
Turndown ratio 50:1 7:1 (10:1 vertical) 2:1 (3:1 vertical)
Outlet temperature 10°F SH 10°F SH 20°F SH
Pressure drop Negligible Low Negligible
Minimum pipe size 3" 2" 1-1/2"
Available styles

 *SA units require atomizing steam pressure to be 1.9 times higher than the main steam pressure.