Ejector Images

A first-stage ejector for a three-stage urea plant vacuum system in China. The ejector includes heat tracing and flushing nozzles to remove solid deposits from ejector internals.

Twin element steam jet ejectors installed on a large crude oil vacuum tower. These large ejectors are part of a four-stage system and are designed to maintain 12 torr pressure at the top of the crude oil tower.

A carbamate recycle ejector manufactured for use in a urea plant. This service actually has the ejector working like a high pressure pump. Liquid ammonia at ~3000 psig compresses liquid carbamate from ~2000 psig to ~2200 psig.

Three large booster ejectors ready for shipment to a steel mill. At the steel mill, the boosters are part of a five-stage ejector system for vacuum degassing carbon steel. Vacuum degasification of steels to remove impurities results in stronger, higher quality steel products. This Graham ejector will operate at extremely deep vacuum conditions, the pressure is maintained below 50 microns.

This unit is a two-stage ejector with a two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump hybrid-package designed to operate at 5 mm mercury absolute pressure and is used to hold vacuum on a wiped film evaporator.

A multi-stage ejector system ready for shipment to a phenol plant.

A multi-stage ejector system ready for shipment to a phenol plant.

Triple element first-stage ejectors for crude vacuum distillation at a Southeast Asian refinery.

A two-stage ejector system package for cumene service.

A four-stage vegetable oil deodorization vacuum system at a U.S. West Coast edible oil refinery.

A combination of steam ejectors and liquid ring vacuum pump package for a low oxygen deaerating condenser.