Graham Career Paths

What you make of your life is up to you. How you spend your time and who you spend it with are two of the most important decisions you have to make. When it comes to your career, choosing well defines your opportunities, your achievements and your experience. Graham Corporation provides many fulfilling career tracks:


  • Safety/Human Resources

We are dedicated to designing and implementing programs to help our business partners achieve results through talent, transformation and technology. 

  • Finance

The finance group works in unison with all departments to ensure the continued financial health and growth of Graham Corporation.

  • Purchasing/Supply Chain

Within Global Purchasing and Supply Chain, it's no longer enough to offer the best quality and service for the best price. We deliver. 

  • Sales&Service

In our changing global marketplace, customer enthusiasm and loyalty are keys to our success. Sales & Service is leading the way in global growth by being on the front lines of understanding our regional customer demands. Graham is building even stronger brands by knowing the customer better than anyone, leveraging future technology and strategic alliances to execute better and faster. 

  • Technical Engineering/Project

Our worldwide projects take our project engineers across the globe and they are involved in assigned contracts from the administration and design, through fabrication and shipment, to a successful field operation. 

  • Engineering/Application

The application of solid proprietary engineering continues to place Graham Products solidly above the competition. By placing emphasis on quality workmanship and engineering know-how, we have earned a reputation that is outstanding in the field of heat transfer and vacuum equipment. 

  • Engineering/Manufacturing

Manufacturing Engineering depends on talented, well-prepared and motivated people to develop, implement and improve manufacturing and quality systems. Our focus is on developing continuous improvement manufacturing systems and processes. 

  • Engineering/Product Development

The visionaries involved in Graham Product Development are truly breaking the mold by developing tomorrow's next products. 

  • Information Systems Technology

Information Systems & Services (IT) works with departments across Graham to provide advanced technology to employees. From internet and phone connections in offices and plants to software that supports information databases and other aspects of day-to-day business, Information Systems & Services keeps you connected.


  • Quality

Graham Quality people are more than data predictors. They're intimately involved in decision-making from concept to execution. To build and maintain customer satisfaction, Quality professionals implement quality-control systems designed to create products and brands that result in satisfying experiences for our customers. 

  • Skilled Craft Workers (Machinists and Welders)

In the Manufacturing functions, our goal is clear - to satisfy our customers by producing quality products at competitive cost.   We achieve this by using lean and flexible manufacturing systems.