Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Overview

Graham liquid ring vacuum pumps are efficient and easy to maintain because there is only one rotating part. Our pumps are robust and can be started and stopped repeatedly, being fit to handle unexpected process upsets, including liquid in the suction, without damage. The exhaust gas stream is oil-free and low temperature.

Graham Liquid Ring Pumps can be fabricated in any material to meet the requirements of the process gas. In addition to operating to very deep vacuum levels, our Liquid Ring Pumps can also operate above atmospheric pressure to provide a very wide range of operation. While liquid ring pumps typically operate with water as the service liquid, Graham Pumps can operate with any liquid that is available.

The Graham Liquid Ring Pump is a proven design, with installations throughout the world. Graham has an extensive database of actual performance test data and can provide a Liquid Ring Pump suitable for nearly any application.

Graham has been providing Engineering Answers since 1936 and can easily combine Graham Liquid Ring Pumps with other Graham equipment, including Steam Jet Ejectors and Process Condensers, to provide a highly efficient vacuum system that optimizes capital and operating costs.