Our Strategy


Our Vision:   To be a global leader in the design and manufacture of critical electronics-enhanced turbomachines and turbomachine-based subsystems as well as vacuum and heat exchangers technologies for the defense/space, energy/advanced energy, chemical/petrochemical and other demanding markets.

Our Strategy:   

We are focused on growth from two primary platforms:

  • Defense and Space
  • Energy/Advanced Energy and Chemical/Petrochemical

Our goal is to gain greater market share in the industries we operate by

  1. Developing new technologies and solutions that provide the fit, form and function needed for our customers critical applications
  2. Winning new customers and programs, especially those in markets with strong secular drivers such as the emerging Space and Advanced Energy,
  3. Expanding our geographic presence and
  4. Acquiring businesses that expand our technologies and are adjacent to our business. 

In order to effectively implement our strategy, we also believe that we must continue to invest in and leverage our unique value enhancing differentiators, including:

  • Invest in engineering resources and technology in order to advance our condensers, vacuum, heat transfer and turbomachinery market penetration.
  • Enhance our engineering capacity and capability, especially in connection with product design, in order to more quickly respond to existing and future customer demands and opportunities. 
  • Invest in our manufacturing operations to improve productivity where needed and identify out-sourced capacity to complement our growth strategies.
  • Accelerate our ability to quickly and efficiently bid on available projects through our ongoing implementation of front-end bid automation and design processes.
  • Implement and expand upon our operational efficiencies through ongoing refinement of our flexible manufacturing flow model as well as achievement of other cost efficiencies.
  • Strive for operational excellence
  • Invest in our employees and create a cross-trained, flexible workforce able to adjust to variable product demands by our customers.