Steam Surface Condenser Applications

Graham condensers have proven to be reliable and are chosen for applications throughout the world, a few of which are below:

  • Power
  • Chemical processing
  • Refinery
  • HVAC
  • Low oxygen condensate
  • Marine

Graham can provide a steam surface condenser suitable for virtually any power generating application. We are completely familiar with the condensing requirements of the latest cogeneration and combined cycle power facilities and have supplied condensers for a wide variety of these plants. We have also supplied condensers for alternative energy applications, such as refuse derived fuel and geothermal.

Graham steam surface condensers for the power industry have been provided for turbines with down, top and axial exhaust configurations. Circular shells to approximately 12 feet in diameter can be supplied to suit a variety of utility requirements.

Due to shipping restrictions and costs, larger applications are provided in modular rectangular designs where the tube bundles and dome sections are joined at the jobsite. The Graham modular design utilizes a maximum of shop labor to minimize field assembly requirements. In addition, the Graham modular condenser design incorporates features that ensure accurate mating of modules, with a minimum of field effort, greatly reducing time and expense for field labor at the jobsite during final installation.

Chemical processing
Graham has provided steam surface condensers for ammonia, ethylene, methanol, and other processing facilities. The ability to work with exotic materials, along with vast experience with various chemical processes, provides Graham with a significant advantage in the industry. In addition, Graham retains a number of engineers on staff to provide assistance and expertise on various topics that arise in the field.

Due to the vast experience that Graham has obtained in providing vacuum systems for refineries, a key advantage has been gained in the supply of steam surface condensers. Industry specific practices and intensive refinery specifications are familiar to Graham.

Graham manufactures skid mounted packaged systems, including the condenser, air removal package, condensate pumps, controls, and instrumentation at our facility in Batavia, NY. This complete packaging creates a high quality product that minimizes installation effort for this highly competitive market. A central control panel and other project specific requirements can be supplied. A fully optioned package with job specific requirements is available in lieu of inflexible standard products.

Low oxygen condensate
The DO2� system has been developed by Graham to supply cold deaerated feedwater. Use of the system is normally applicable to plants with large amounts of cold makeup water and where it is beneficial to eliminate the installation and use of a pressure deaerator. The DO2� system consists of a specially designed condenser with segregated reheat hotwell, an enhanced venting system, and a makeup water vacuum deaerator.

The DO2� system is described in ASME paper 87-JPGC-PWR-9 "Case Study, Real Life Optimization of a 120 MW Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant" by Richard B. Stanley of Bechtel Western Power Corporation and also described in a Graham article Condensate Oxygen Control in a Combined Cycle System Without a Conventional Deaerator.

Graham has provided steam surface condensers for main propulsion and turbine generator applications aboard naval and commercial vessels. The range of application varies from the design and fabrication of condensers used in the main propulsion systems of the largest of naval vessels to the supply of small condensers for use aboard commercial ships. Graham has the staff and facility to design and manufacture to the most demanding engineering-intensive military applications.