Technical Documents Library

The Graham Technical Library contains articles developed by Graham Corporation for publication in various magazines and technical seminar presentations. The articles are organized in three categories; heat transfer, vacuum equipment, and steam surface condensers.

Author: Lines, Jim
Description: A decades-old, yet less well-known type of heat exchanger offers advantages for new and emerging applications.
Author: Lines, Jim
Description: Environmental stewardship is becoming a priority for chemical plants as investors, corporate boards, government agencies and the public are demanding more accountability. For chemical processing plants, the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from storage tanks is an area that often gets overlooked but is equally important to other sustainability targets, such as production processes, when it comes to meeting environmental, social and governance goals.
Author: Johnson, Alicia
Description: Alicia Johnson, Graham Corporation, highlights the strengths and weaknesses of traditional straight tube designs vs coiled tube designs in both condensers and heat exchangers.
Description: The equations allow quick determination of a heat exchanger’s achievable performance when certain data are known. Knowing an exchanger’s configuration — co-current or counter-current, inlet conditions for both hot and cold sides, effective surface area and transfer rate — achievable outlet temperatures are easily approximated.
Description: Asymmetric plate heat exchangers allow independent optimization of both fluids for maximum thermal efficiency and economy.  Differentiating a heat transfer plate from a channel is extremely important and fundamental to the analysis of PHEs.
Description: Plate heat exchangers may be selected for their high thermal efficiency and minimum capital investment. Spiral heat exchangers, on the other hand, are turned to for their ability to effectively handle fluids containing solids and fibers, similar to those encountered in wastewater treatment plants.