Technical Documents Library

The Graham Technical Library contains articles developed by Graham Corporation for publication in various magazines and technical seminar presentations. The articles are organized in three categories; heat transfer, vacuum equipment, and steam surface condensers.

Author: Lines, Jim
Description: If not designed and operated correctly, vacuum systems can be prone to fouling, ice formation, and other issues that can affect product quality.
Author: Lines, Jim
Description: A decades-old, yet less well-known type of heat exchanger offers advantages for new and emerging applications.
Author: Lines, Jim
Description: Environmental stewardship is becoming a priority for chemical plants as investors, corporate boards, government agencies and the public are demanding more accountability. For chemical processing plants, the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from storage tanks is an area that often gets overlooked but is equally important to other sustainability targets, such as production processes, when it comes to meeting environmental, social and governance goals.
Author: Johnson, Alicia
Description: Alicia Johnson, Graham Corporation, highlights the strengths and weaknesses of traditional straight tube designs vs coiled tube designs in both condensers and heat exchangers.
Author: Lines, Jim
Description: Ejector systems are critical to the final concentration of a urea solution.
Author: Lines, Jim
Description: Crude oil refining and petrochemical industries make extensive use of condensers that operate under vacuum. Distillation is the most common process using these condensers, either as a process precondenser ahead of an ejector system, or as an intercondenser within an ejector system...
Description: How to properly design steam ejector and process condenser systems as commercially available software does not accurately model system design performance
Description: How ejectors work and properly operating ejectors and condensers is important in maximizing vacuum tower gas-oil yield
Description: How to optimize and select the most economical steam ejector, process condenser, liquid ring pump system for capital cost and utility cost.
Description: Selecting and optimizing steam jet ejectors and condensers for any vacuum level required for the process industries
Description: Steam-jet vacuum systems combine ejectors, condensers and interconnecting piping to provide relatively low-cost and low-maintenance vacuum pumping. These systems operate on the ejector-venturi principle, which relies on the momentum of a high-velocity jet of steam to move air and other gases from a connecting pipe or vessel.