Technical Documents Library

The Graham Technical Library contains articles developed by Graham Corporation for publication in various magazines and technical seminar presentations. The articles are organized in three categories; heat transfer, vacuum equipment, and steam surface condensers.

Description: Different types of vacuum pumps, piston, vane, dry, lobe, liquid ring, ejector, condenser, are discussed and the advantages and disadvantages of each type is provided
Description: Cost savings by considering the use of a variable frequency drive for a liquid ring pump system.
Description: How to properly install a liquid ring vacuum pump, determine what accessories and controls are necessary and troubleshooting tips.
Description: How to determine pressure drop, condensate leg height and other piping considerations for proper vacuum system design and operation
Description: How liquid ring vacuum pumps work and the factors to consider when sizing a liquid ring vacuum pump for the application.
Description: How ejectors work and properly operating ejectors and condensers is important in maximizing vacuum tower gas-oil yield
Description: How to optimize and select the most economical steam ejector, process condenser, liquid ring pump system for capital cost and utility cost.
Description: How liquid ring pumps work and what devices are used to control the operation of a liquid ring pump system for proper operation
Description: Steam-jet vacuum systems combine ejectors, condensers and interconnecting piping to provide relatively low-cost and low-maintenance vacuum pumping. These systems operate on the ejector-venturi principle, which relies on the momentum of a high-velocity jet of steam to move air and other gases from a connecting pipe or vessel.
Description: Detail design considerations involved in selecting steam ejector/liquid ring pump vacuum system for crude tower service. Materials of construction, energy utilization, packaging, system performance and flexibility will be addressed
Description: Steam jet ejector and liquid ring vacuum pump hybrid gas removal system for steam turbine generator and surface condenser venting of non-condensable gases in a Geothermal power plant system.