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Improving the efficiency, reliability and performance of your vacuum process is what is important. VacAdemics is for that very purpose. Knowledge about how vacuum equipment, such as ejectors, liquid ring vacuum pumps and process condensers, operates or is affected by process changes is important. You must have it to keep your vacuum process optimal. VacAdemics will provide the knowledge you require.

VacAdemics Educational Seminar is where your vacuum equipment knowledge and understanding is taken to the next level. The two-day training seminar combines classroom with hands-on operation of vacuum equipment. Certain equipment is built in glass construction so you are able to visualize what is presented in the classroom. See how a vacuum system actually responds to process changes or variation of utilities.

Cost for the two-day course is $1,500 per person.  Class make-up is diversified users of vacuum systems from oil refining, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, chemical, edible oils and specialty chemicals.

2022 session dates:

June 6-7

September 19-20

October 3-4



"The course exceeded my expectations - and my expectations were high. I recommend it for chemical and mechanical engineers and others involved in the design, specification, operation and maintenance of process vacuum systems."

Jim Ryans
Engineering Associate
Eastman Chemical Company

"The hands-on work with vacuum systems built with glass ejectors and condensers was fascinating."

Thomas Musial
Process Engineer
Chevron Products

"I really enjoyed having operating vacuum systems set up with problems that we could attempt to troubleshoot on our own."

Bryan Rose

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